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Belt Tensioners

Snapidle Belt Tensioner is a new approach to an age-old problem: "How to tension a belt drive?" Typically maintenance personnel over-tension belt drives at start up. The resulting wear on the belt and pulleys causes slippage. Past solutions have been to add maintenance, replace pulleys and belts, add some sort of mounted tensioning system, or replace the belt drive with another type drive system.

The NEW Snapidle Belt Tensioner is easy to install, requires no special tools or mounting brackets, and applies direct tension to the drive instantly, at a fraction of the tensioning force that is presently utilized. The Snapidle Belt Tensioner controls the belt by creating a minimum of fifty percent belt wrap. Extra wrap utilizes more of the pulling power of the belts and pulleys and reduces both belt and pulley wear.

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"The installation of the tensioners made air flow improvements of up to 40% on one of the [downdraft tables for the sanding of cabinet doors]. Time will tell, but I think we have a winner on this application." -Bruce Mowatt, Engineer Omega Cabinetry

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