Snapidle - Product Safety

Safety, Installation & Maintenance

Safety Standards

All power transmission drive systems should be adequately guarded under ANSI/ASME B15.1-1984 standards and OSHA, subchapter O standards (Federal; vol. 39; no.125; June 27, 1974; pgs. 23079-23733) or the applicable state or country (outside the U.S.A.) safety standards. The following rules apply to the drive systems, "Where breakage of a machine component can result in injury, provision shall be made for appropriate containment of such component. When power transmission apparatus' are stopped for servicing purposes, the power device shall be locked out, in accordance with a generalized procedure, to protect persons exposed to the apparatus from an unexpected start. When component breakage may result in fragments being propelled, the apparatus should be guarded and should be solid, not mesh."


The drive system power should be disconnected or an interlock activated to avoid accidental startup. Never install, adjust or maintain a Snapidle™ when the drive is in operation, or personal injury may occur. Apply the bottom block and the top block of the Snapidle™ to the upper and lower chain strands. Tension the chain by means of the side straps. Do not over tension the Snapidle™, this will result in increased wear rate. Enough tension need only be applied to take out  the slack of the chain. When the drive is in operation the Snapidle™ will move back and forth on the chain periodically. If the proper tension is applied the Snapidle™ should tension the chain for the life of the chain or the Snapidle™. Set the strap length with the drive side chain tight and all the chain slack on the slack side. Please refer to page 6 first drawing for correct installation.


The Snapidle™ should be inspected visually under normal drive maintenance procedures in order to verify wear. The Snapidle™ should be replaced before the chain wears through the plastic carriers. The Snapidle™ may be re-tensioned by adjusting the side straps. Do not attempt this with a moving drive, personal injury may occur.


M.I.C. recommends the replacement of the entire Snapidle™ unit, including the side straps. The straps are subjected to drive stresses that may cause unit failure. When replacement is necessary, M.I.C. cannot warranty the Snapidle™ if the unit is installed with used strapping material. We strongly recommend that worn Snapidle™ units be replaced with new Snapidle™ units.

"The first comment I would tell you about Snapidle Chain Tensioners is the first thing that all of the Engineering PE's tell me, it really works and there is no MATH! The second comment that I always say is that Snapidle will increase your chain life by 10 times, I have sold over 5000 SI-180 units into the worst possible environment, Waste Water (Sewer) Treatment Plants and I have never had a single one fail." -George Gephart of Gephart Industrial Sales, Denville New Jersey

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