Snapidle - Special Conditions for Chain & Belt Tensioners

Special Conditions

Hi-Temp Snapidle™

For temperature applications ranging from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the SI-HT series should be considered. With all the benefits of the standard Snapidle™, it offers the enhanced benefit of controlling drive chains in extreme temperatures. Where most tensioning systems are not applicable, Hi-Temp Snapidle™ solves the problem.

Extra-Heavy Snapidle™

In extreme environments, there is the SI-XH series. Dry, dusty and gritty environments (where the chain is usually not lubricated) require a product that can take the punishment. Recommended for the harshest environments and for high speed chain applications, the SI-XH is tougher than the environment.

Self Lubricating Snapidle™

The SI-SL series is recommended where chain lubrication is a problem. The SL Snapidle™'s top block contains up to 40% oil... lubricates while tensioning your chain.

Single Guide Snapidle™

Where space is at a premium, especially on serpentine drives, the SI-SG series is easily installed and adjustable. An economical way to adjust tension and control drive systems where the standard Snapidle™ is not applicable.





The Snapidle™ series can tolerate any misalignment compatible with a roller chain drive and, in most applications, will allow a roller chain drive to operate with a larger misalignment. Misalignments in which the plane of one sprocket is rotated relative to the plane of the second or in which the plane of one sprocket is moved laterally relative to the other sprocket, or a combination of the two, can be tolerated.


For drives not listed in the cross-reference charts, for non-listed chemical applications or for further engineering information: please supple the following information:

  1. Type of Chain
  2. Manufacture of chain and designation
  3. Sprocket diameters
  4. Horsepower, motor selection and speed
  5. Environment and temperature conditions
  6. If guarded, space criteria
  7. Center distances of drive

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"The Snapidle chain tensioner is easier to install and maintain than the adjustable sprocket tensioner. The Snapidle is generally made out of UHMW-PE and stainless steel hardware with the strap having the option of being stainless steel. It is self-adjusting because of its unique design that allows it to slide up and down the drive chain wherever there is slack. Its reliability and lack of needed maintenance make it the tensioner of choice." -Allied-Locke Industries

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