Snapidle - Chain Tensioner Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Chain Tensioner Selection Criteria

R1 = D/d = Sprocket Ratio
R2 = D/l = Drive Aspect Ratio
R3 = c/d = Constant Ratio

R1 must be less than 4
R2 should be less than or equal to 0.5
R3 should be less than or equal to 0.85

Multiple Sprocket Applications Standard Criteria

Multiple Sprocket Applications
Chain tensioner equationChain tensioner diagram

Standard SI not applicable.
Use SI-SG1 or SI-SG2

Snapidle SI-SG1Snapidle SI-SG2

"The first comment I would tell you about Snapidle Chain Tensioners is the first thing that all of the Engineering PE's tell me, it really works and there is no MATH! The second comment that I always say is that Snapidle will increase your chain life by 10 times, I have sold over 5000 SI-180 units into the worst possible environment, Waste Water (Sewer) Treatment Plants and I have never had a single one fail." -George Gephart of Gephart Industrial Sales, Denville New Jersey

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